This light gray granite is composed of black and white speckle creating a monochrome effect. Due to its versatility and weather resistance, the Salt and Pepper granit is very popular and commonly used in New England.

This neutral granite is perfectly suited to both residential and commercial use, as an exterior landscaping product and for all types of architectural projects. It will add a touch of natural elegance and a special signature, whatever your project.

Our facilities and equipment allow us to produce the finish adapted to the requirements of your project, such as honed or polished, thermal, splitted, bush hammered or even antique.

The colors displayed are indicative. They may vary depending on the calibration of your screen. We suggest you see a sample of granite before ordering.

In addition to our granites, we also work with a multitude of North American granites, ,
sandstones and limestones, including the following :
● Canadian Mahogany ● Calcaire Rouge ● Jet Mist ● Calcaire Saint Marc ● Red Deer Brown ● Deer Isle ● Colorado Rose Red ● Madison Pink ● Canadian Red ● Pink Vermillion ● Crystal Gold ● Blue Pearl ● Saint-Jacques ● Silver Cloud Imperial