In business for more then 30 years

Granite DRC is specialized in the extraction and transformation of dimensional natural stone for the North American market.

Granite DRC extracts more than 200,000 cubic feet of stone annually from its quarries to transform them directly in our factories in Rivière-à-Pierre and Stanstead. The continued investment of our equipment and our ongoing research and development program have contributed to our expansion.

Granite DRC has been able to renew itself and gain a unique position in the market, thanks in large part to the strong interest we place in our employees, the values that represent it, and the behaviours and strategies that result from it.


Granite DRC’s mission is to be the North American reference for the granite industry and a partner of its customers and community.

The mission results from the subtle association between the company’s mission, the values ​​that represent it and the behavior and strategies that flow from it.

As such, it serves as a guideline for the organization’s decision-making and provides a common goal that all employees adhere to and commit to.

High quality standard

A rigorous quality control performed after each production.

Service and quality Convention

A dynamic and proactive customer service.

Quick response

A 48 hours response to your price requests.

Invested in his Community

Partner of its customers and community.



Daniel Cauchon and René Carrier started Granite DRC in Rivière-à-Pierre. The company activities mainly focused on granite extraction.


Opening of a double primary sawing unit and start of the granite processing activity.


Acquisition of a Caledonia quarry in Rivière-à-Pierre, Quebec, and a $1.3 millions investment in a secondary sawmill unit.

A wide selection of finished products are now produced for the Quebec area and exportation.


A new investor joins the founders to establish Granite DRC’s financial structure and take charge of administration and marketing.

2008 - 2013

Continuation of the development strategy through the expansion of the finishing unit and the acquisition of numerical controlled equipment, an $1.5M in investments for : Profiling machine to produce counters and to engrave, 5 axis saw and a tower to realize complex architectural stones project.


Acquisition of the Salt & Pepper quarry in Stanstead, Qc nearby the American border.


Construction of a new factory in Stanstead, Qc, dedicated to the manufacture of standard hardscaping products.


To complete the primary and secondary sawing activities, acquisition of Granite Center Beebe with five primary sawing units in Stanstead, Qc and purchase of a new wire saw.


Construction of a new plant in Stanstead including two specialized five-axis sawing units. The Stanstead production site now includes three factories as well as the Salt and Pepper quarry.