All our quarries possess these unique qualities :

Granite DRC began with the operation of its Caledonia Granite Quarry, the Canadian  granit reference.

Our quarries give us the opportunity to control the quality of our granite material as well as its supply.

  • Color homogeneity
  • Large size grade 1. quality blocs.
  • Guaranteed supply for over 100 years.
  • Color vein continuance.
  • Advanced extraction technology with diamond cable.
  • Limited use of explosive to limit micro-cracks.
Caledonia Granite Quarry

Located in Rivière-à-Pierre in central Quebec, more than 6,500 m3 of granite is extracted annually, This quarry is producing the largest volume of granite in Canada.

Caledonia Quarry in Riviere-à-Pierre, Qc 3
Salt and Pepper Granite Quarry

This quarry is located just a few miles from the town of Stanstead in the Eastern Township, near the US border. It produces a light gray granite much used for hardscaping in New England and for bases of funerary monuments.

Boca Green Granite Quarry

Directly in Rivière-à-Pierre, Center of Quebec, the Boca Green Granite quarry is close to that of Caledonia. It has a deposit reflecting the color of the surrounding forest.

Caledonia Quarry in Riviere-à-Pierre, Qc 4