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30 years of experience and equipment at the cutting edge of technology

Specialized in the extraction and transformation of dimensional natural stone, Granite DRC extracts more than 200,000 cubic feet of stone annually from its quarries to transform them directly in our factories in Rivière-à-Pierre and Stanstead.
The continued investment of our equipment and our ongoing research and development program have contributed to our expansion.

3 quarries to control our supply

Granite DRC began with the operation of its Caledonia Granite Quarry, the Canadian  granit reference.

Our quarries give us the opportunity to control the quality of our granite material as well as its supply.
All our quarries possess these unique qualities :

Carrière Caledonia, Rivière-à-Pierre, Qc 3

2 production sites to meet market demand

Thanks to our facilities and in order to meet the growing market demand, Granite DRC effectively multiplies the manufacturing of finished products for both Quebec and export. Our expertise and our equipment allow us to realize a complex and large-scale project, tailored to your specifications, with the stone of your choice.

For an ecological, durable and aesthetic choice, Granite DRC is essential!

In addition to its aesthetics, Granite is resistant to the most difficult weather conditions.

It is recyclable and its transformation requires no polluting agent.

In addition to our granites, we also work with a multitude of North American granites,
sandstones and limestones, including the following :
● Canadian Mahogany ● Calcaire Rouge ● Jet Mist ● Calcaire Saint Marc ● Red Deer Brown ● Deer Isle ● Colorado Rose Red ● Madison Pink ● Canadian Red ● Pink Vermillion ● Crystal Gold ● Blue Pearl ● Saint-Jacques ● Silver Cloud Imperial

Imagine and Granite DRC will make it happen !


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